New User Moderation


Think its high time for New User Moderation. The Spammers are hitting pretty hard here. It looks like PHBB is your underneath
forum control. I use PHBB on my forum and it has several spammer controls. It might be high time to use them.


The phpBB spam stuff is mostly centered around user registration, which we don’t use.


True, but it also allows new user moderation which I have on my boards. It precludes the ones that circumvent the
anti spam members from getting posts to the boards.

Also the PHBB pre anti spam is pretty good. Mostly it requires you to retype an answer to a question that’s pretty mundane
it stops the auto account creation and then the forum robots you now have.

Check your squawks, several spambots are posting get rich quick stuff in there.


+1 to this! I just counted over 30 spam posts in the general forum in 24 hours, excessive a little? Very counter-productive to the boards. Something really should be done about it. It shouldn’t be hard to implement a moderation system that requires all users to have x posts approved before moderation requirement is removed.


The spam bots are getting out of hand, but posting moderation won’t really do anything. Just add a Captcha or a simple question, most forums have that now to keep the bots out.


To the contrary. Captchas are essentially useless, they are easily broken using spambot software, either by the software itself or by enlisting the help of humans. SEO spammers either enlist low-wage labor in Asia or redirect the Captchas to other site for processing – one popular scheme gives people access to porn for solving captchas. The solution is passed back to the original site and the spambot can complete the registration.

Moderation on the initial posts by new users works but can be a huge burden on the moderators.



Moderation of new members is something that has been requested for a very long time yet nothing has happened. This past weekend, I think there was 3 or 4 legitimate posts out of about 20 postings.


I agree, my daily feeds are at least 85% advertisement and crap than legitimate posts.





I see your +2 and raise you +2