New to the ADS-B with Flight Aware

I just ordered my PI version and outdoor antenna to arrive Tuesday… Looking for basic information of what I need to do on the setup or hints. Also, see there is a feature to grab the ACARS, but with the Filter the ACARS bad will be blocked because of its lower frequency. What do I need to do to set it up for ACARS.


Instructions here:

If you want to simultaneously receive ACARS, you will need a second receiver; one receiver cannot simultaneously tune to both ADS-B and ACARS frequencies. Also probably a separate antenna, an antenna tuned for 1090MHz isn’t going to be good at the ~130MHz ACARS frequencies.

Can you use the same PI unit plugged into another USB port?

I use one for 1090Mhz and one for UAT 978Mhz on the same device(actually on two).
The ports are close together. I use 6"/15cm USB pigtails for separation.