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New to skyaware - first flightfeeder impressions

I’ve had a lifelong interest in radio, and recently, VHF air band reception. When I found flightaware to see the aircraft, I couldn’t refuse applying for the skyaware flightfeeder. While waiting the several months for its arrival have browsed the discussions here, particularly re antennas. Keep going experimenters! That’s how the science advances. Thank you group for referring to heywhatsthat. I’m at one side of a basin ringed by mountains and one narrow gap toward a level horizon.
The flightfeeder orange/flightaware stock antenna was plug and play. With a temporary outside antenna mount a foot below the peak of a metal roof toward the favored azimuth I have received positions right at the ‘theoretical’ (264 statute mi. @ FL 40K) distance. This suggests the hardware is dialed in. The flightfeeder orange with the cover off looks like a dongle in a box connected to a Pi. The display was helpful to monitor initialization, and will remain asleep.