New Space Port in Oklahoma....and you think I'm kidding....

Only in Oklahoma…

FAA approves Oklahoma Spaceport
AP - 6/13/2006 12:47 PM
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ A proposed space port in western Oklahoma has won approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for an operator’s license.

The FAA announced today its issuing a non-federal commercial launch site operator license to the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority for its spaceport at Burns Flat.

The development authority will still need a separate launch license or permit from the FAA before sending commercial flights into space.

Operators of the spaceport hope to run a space tourist business by selling tickets to suborbital flights into space that would take off and land at the former Clinton-Sherman Airpark in Burns Flat.

…and California

Why CA? They already have way too many space cadet out there!!!

Excuse me!?!?!?! That’s “nuts,” not space cadets. (Your’s truly excepted, of course!)

You? An exception? Look at your avitar!!! NO WAY!!!

Haven’t you been down to visit Rocketplane yet Pik?

They’re right next to the WIA museum.


You? An exception? Look at your avitar!!! NO WAY!!!

Not a space cadet or a nut because I’m a Martian! It’s you earthlings who are space cadets. We populated your puny planet.

They’ll have a hell of a time launching in the spring, with your crazy weather patterns, storms, tornadoes, etc.

Note to OSIDA: Don’t forget the huge lightning rod!!

And in the winter with those damn northern winds, clouds, rain, sleet, snow…man, I really wish that Texas would quit sucking and Kansas quit blowing…

Think about it…if you still can’t get it, I’ll explain it to you.

I get it, in several ways…

  1. Northerly winds from KS thru OK to TX
  2. Texas sucks
  3. Kansas blows

Exactly…It comes from a joke about why OK is so windy…

In Ohio, we have a saying about directions to Michigan:

Go West 'till you smell it, then North 'till you step in it… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Go Bucks.

I worked at the Dallas Cowboy summer camp as an equip. mgr in college with a guy from The OSU. He taught me a “nice” version of the Michigan fight song…

5 points for you, Pika!! You had the attention to detail to call it The OSU, as is proper. There are lots of OSU-Michigan slam songs, and I’m sure there are several from the dark side as well.

I used to have a t-shirt that had Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) standing on OH w/ an OSU helmet on, pissing on MI. The back of the shirt read “Ann Arbor is a Whore.”

Well, if I say OSU around these here parts, everyone assumes Oklahoma State…Stupid cowgirls…

While I’m reminiscing, I also had a shirt that read “The Only Sign of Life in Ann Arbor.” It was a green highway sign from Rte. 23 that said “Columbus 123 Miles.”

I’m sure it’s a fine institution…It gave us Barry Sanders, right?

–But it’s not The OSU.

The only thing good coming out of that craphole known as Stillwater is the vet school, Garth Brooks, Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, and Robin “I got my ass kicked by a 40 year old man (Nolan Ryan)” Ventura, aka Garth Brooks’ roommate.