New RPI pixel

Hi to all, someone know if we update a running rpi with weezy or jessie to new software called pixel , we lose all in sdcard?

thanks in advanced

If you do a new image from, you WILL lose everything, and have to rebuild the image from scratch. However, if you simply do an apt-get update followed by an apt-get upgrade, on the live system, you WILL NOT lose any of your data.

I did notice, though, when I did my upgrade of the O/S, that it seemed to work best with a “sudo reboot”, between the update and upgrade commands. Of course, soing the reboot, will not adversely affect your stats during the time it is down and returning to a “live” state. You will only be offline for a couple of minutes each time you reboot.

The other option, of course, is to make a new image, with pixel, using a second raspberrypi, assuming you have one, and then switching the SD cards to the new one (pixel) once it is complete. This, too, will not affect your stats, since your mac address, and probably your IP address as well, will not change, as far as piaware is concerned.

I hope this helps.


Hi thanks for your reply but in fact that does not help me because apt-get update and upgrade does not install new pixel but apt-get dist-upgrade does that, but i dont know if i lose evertinhg or not…

Thanks any way.

I did run “sudo apt-get update”, then “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” yesterday on my Pi running Jessie Lite. It took long time to complete it, but I did not notice anything named pixel installed. I do remember seeing something like “kernelhack…” being installed.

I did NOT loose any data or any installed software.

I just now checked Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi site and found that Pixel is part of Jessie Desktop, and NOT part of Jessie Lite, and that is why my Jessie Lite did not get Pixel even upon upgrade.

Might have to do a


to get the new Pixel.

while upgrading Jessie Lt by command:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I got following message. Dont understand what it is all about. Can anyone explain?

raspberrypi-sys-mods (20161018+3) jessie; urgency=medium

  * The 20161018 release has introduced a /etc/sudoers.d/010_pi-nopasswd file.
    - The file is installed even if the "pi ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" entry has been
      previously removed from /etc/sudoers by the user.
    - If you do not want the entry to exist, please comment out or remove 010_pi-nopasswd.
    - If upgrading to 20161018+3 from a version earlier than 20161018, the line in
      010_pi-nopasswd is automatically commented out if the entry doesn't exist in sudoers.
    - See

 -- Serge Schneider <>  Wed, 19 Oct 2016 10:52:07 +0100

(q to quit)

Looks like pixel is for those who use desktop interface a lot.
Not much in the way of anything new for us putty remote keybashers.
Maybe you have to enable desktop interface with sudo raspi-config or startx or something like that first abcd before you try dist upgrade.
Wild guess,Perhaps you need to do this before pixel will install.


I got the same message when I did an apt-get upgrade on jessie, and it only relates to the people/users allowed to use sudo.

If you did not make any changes to this file from the “default” prior to your apt-get dist upgrade, it won’t make any difference, and you should be fine if you use the default answer, which I believe is “N”.

I have done that and i can confirm we not lose anything all remains with the update.
thanks to all