New Routes for Hawaiian Airlines Using A321neo

With Hawaiian Airlines set to take delivery of their first Airbus A321neo during Q4 of this year, there will now be some questions as to where the airline will send them.

Just recently, the airline announced three new routes the A321neo will operate beginning January of 2018. Portland-Maui, Oakland-Kaua‘i, and Los Angeles-Kona. Where else do you think Hawaiian will use their A321neos? Will it possibly be used to open up new routes to smaller West Coast markets that Hawaiian currently does not serve, or cannot be served by their Airbus A330 or Boeing 767 due to it being too large an aircraft? Destinations like Vancouver, Edmonton, Spokane, or Boise?

What do you guys think? … eo-flights

This does open up more options for PHNL-KLAS, as they are serving that via the A330s they have. That’s definitely in the range of the A321neo. That also puts KPHX, KSLC, and KRNO into play. They can also provide more options from KSMF as well.

However, that still puts PGUM out of play, which is funny, because the A319 has the range to reach Guam from PHNL, whereas the A321neo does not.