New, remote receiver - claim as "second receiver" - how to?

Morning one and all! :slight_smile:

Have been feeding to all the usual places :wink: for about a year now - all good.

I’m now sending a receiver “kit” (made up from my old spares), to the other end of the country (Yorkshire → Isle of Wight).

What I’d like to achieve:

Claim this new, remote receiver as a “second reliever” on my own FA account, counting towards my stats etc.

Now, the main issue when I look at this last time was that this station is using a Pi Zero…

As the Zero has to use a dongle to get full size USB and RJ45 (network cable), the “cheapy chinese” micro-USB → full size USB + RJ45 had a non-unique MAC address, and was showing up as another user, somewhere in central europe as far as I recall! :wink:

So, with the station being the other end of the country - remotely working with my freind to set it up down there, whats the best way to set it up?

  1. Do I set it up with my user creds, or it’s own, new account? Can I claim it later?
  2. Does FA still use Mac Address to define / ID unique stations?

The Zero already has image running on it, and it does work as a “standalone” receiver - doing all the usual - the only issue was claiming it?

Once networking is up and running, I’ll set it with a public IP etc so I can manage it remotely…

Thanks for any assist… :slight_smile:

You could use your second receiver to feed your primary dump1090 and then feed FA with the combined results. For FA, it would looks like you have a single receiver. … reception/

If it’s yours, use your account. Best to claim it before sending it off.

  1. Does FA still use Mac Address to define / ID unique stations?

Yes. Given that it has an unpredictable MAC you may want to grab piaware 3.2.0 (build from source) and use the force-macaddress option.

No good for MLAT though AFAIK due to timing issues.
Sucessful Mlat station =1 receiver with 1 antenna

Thanks all :slight_smile:

@Obj - think I’ll flatten that image and start again with PiAware 3.x as you suggest…

My own, ADSBReceiver station isnt on 3.x yet, is there a guide on updating that to take advantage of PiAware 3.x etc?

Sorry for any dumb questions, have been out of the scene for a while, just getting my eye back in! :wink:


Ok - had a look at the Github for pA, I have “nosed around” it GH repo’s before, but not particular familliar…

I guess im looking for the 3.2.0 branch - couldnt find it?

Would piaware_builder build that version?
The only 'nix box I have is my live pA box, can I build on that then “export” the made image etc?
Kinda get the idea, but never built anything like this before…

Dont suppose someone could build me a copy of 3.2.0, and share it?

Sorry guys, found the build instructions here…