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New Owner

I’m a new pilot (20 hours) and new airplane owner. I bought a 1963 Cessna 172E from a guy in Colorado, I forgot to mention I’m an Eskimo who lives in Wasilla Alaska, I grew up in Kiana, Alaska (PAIK). I thought this would be easy, But come to find out buying an airplane was the easiest part.
I flew a farrier to Pueblo,Colorado and he made it to Greely Colorado the #2 cyl went out. He couldn’t wait around to get it fixed so I flew him back to Alaska. A few weeks past by and my plane was ready to go! I flew another farrier down and he made it to Calgary Canada, The O-300 engine started to leak oil. the #6 cyl went out and the gaskets were shot. So I flew the farrier back to Alaska.
I started to ask around what should I do?

…If it flies, floats or …, rent it!

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