New Member registering R-Pi Rx


Hi FA guys…

I have a RPi set up that I built for a friend. I initially set it up on my member name as an extra Rx so I could test and verify its operation.

The box has now been changed to my friends member name and password in piaware-config and restarted.

The piaware.out log shows the login as successful and that faup1090 is decoding messages from dump1090.

When we went to the registration page to link the R-Pi to my friends account it seems that there is no option for R-Pi on that page yet…

Can you please advise how to link the R-Pi as a data feed on his membership?




I’m not sure our stats program will change a username, that’s a good point.

Which one do you want switched and to who?


Thanks David

Details in a PM

It has been running on an indoor antenna and had sent up 2000msgs - then at around 1700UTC the log shows:

08/18/2014 17:07:31 got ‘can not find channel named “sock5”’ closing socket sock5, ntinuing