New meaning to "vectors for WX" … /KACK/KBED

:open_mouth: Although I can understand the diversion from Lebanon NH to Bedford MA after that… that track looks a little shaky after hitting that cell!

I would drive to Boston App. and punch the dude that flew me threw that cell. then I’d punch him again.

I put some of the points from the track log into Google maps and apparently they drove right through the cell at 15000’ descending from FL200.

:confused: Ouch.

The weather is from the mid-point of the flight and is a few minutes delayed, so if they deviate around weather on the arrival, it’ll actually show the weather from a few minutes early. It’s likely they missed it.

Ahh!!! Learn something new every day!

I put 2 and 2 together with the WX display and the diversion track and came up with a Doomsday Scenario. :wink:

Thanks for the insight Dan, and Keep up the Good Work!

In actual time from seeing the weather track to the east,the cell was over the coast as the flt vectored east than southwest around it.

I don’t care I’d still drive there and punch the dude… :open_mouth:

Nothing like taking a nice VFR flight and turning it into a GCA!

I’ll hold him while you punch him!

United 63 Heavy turn left OWE!!! GOD!@#!@ !!! What was that for Flyboy!

Just do what I do. Instead of calling him “Boston Center”, keep refering to him as “Nashua Approach”. Seems to drive them nuts!

I’ll try that next time I get pissed! I like that. :smiley: