New Location is too far away - moved a continent?

I seem to have moved from Central England to Huston, Texas over the weekend - I’ve tried to fly back again but crossing the ocean exceeds the flight validation rules.

Please and I be relocated to 52.465, -2.02

(actually I seem to be one of many - if I look at the ‘local feeders’ for KEFD, most of them have a red segment in the NE saying they have received thousands of positions from over 200nm away … more like an ocean and a continent away)


Mine keeps moving as well so I gave up on it until this issue is fixed.

Me too :frowning:

Mine used to move around by about 30 miles - I guess to the statistical centre of the points reported.

FA did fix the position, but suddenly it jumped 5000 miles or so.

It was interesting because data was still being collected from my feed where other collation services automatically discard anything from over 400nm away … since it’s very likely to be wrong.