New KDXZ airport...


First off, I am a huge fan of flightaware. I work for a major airline’s cargo division and sometimes flightaware shows more than the airlines’ computer does. Keep up the good work!

As of January 13, KSGU is closed to normal operations and the new St. George, UT airport (KDXZ) is opened. When will flightaware update the airport section? Hopefully soon. Thanks.
Photos courtesy of KCSG Television


I learned about the new St George airport on the show “Wings over Canada.” They were doing a show on flying to the American Southwest.

What is becoming of the old St George airport? Judging by the fact that a new identifier was assigned, I assume the old airport is remaining open for non-airline operations?

Never mind - found the information. The IIC (Idiots In Charge) are closing the airport. I still find it odd that they are getting a new identified. When Denver Stapleton was closed and the IIC didn’t want to keep it for a GA airport, the identified went to the new airport.


More than that… and for the record, I knew of this change coming at least a year in advance. Paul Freeman’s site on abandoned/little known airports had the scoop on this. BTW… this was the location of the original St. George airport before they built the one on the Mesa: … m#stgeorge

But as far as the airport goes, it was mentioned in the preview for this month’s AIRAC cycle over at Aeronav (FAA’s site). New airport, new runway, full ILS/DME, new VOR, the entire lot. They just ran out of room on the mesa in St. George.



We loaded the FAA airport database last night (a day late) and it’s in now -


I knew about it but I didn’t know the change was so soon. I was lucky enough to fly into SGU on January 3rd, one of the coolest approaches I’ve seen. I know the IATA code for the new airport is still SGU. Maybe they are waiting until all aircraft are off the old airport grounds to change it to SGU. Denver Intl used DVX until Stapleton was closed.


I live just a couple miles from the new airport so I guess you could say I have heard about it before… (12 years or so) I actually took flight lessons at the now old KSGU with 100+ landing there. Kinda sad to see it go in some ways. It is still open to takeoffs until March 6th. Very excited about the new airport and cant wait until I can start my flight training again.

They had the ribbon cutting ceremony on the 12th with a flyover of four F-16’s. They also had a KC-135 and a CRJ-200 on display. I was unable to make it because of work :frowning: but I didn’t turn out to bad after all since traffic was backed up for 2-3 miles on the new highway leading to the airport.

Can’t wait to get out there and take some pics of the CRJ’s taking off!


FYI, even though the new airport is open, they are not GA friendly. There is no FBO. 100LL and Jet A are available by truck only. If you fly in, tie downs are located on the north end of the field and it is a 1/2 mile walk to the Skywest terminal to the closest restroom. I would suggest KCDC, 44nm to the north as an alternative.


This is probably still a work in progress. The existing FBOs at SGU probably still need to relocate everything. FA shows 2 that are there, but if they are coming in by truck, they are coming in from the Mesa.

Until they are fully running, CDC is a long trek. Save the 25 miles, and drop down to 67L, which is on the Nevada side of the gorge. Cheaper fuel there, and easy access to the stores and hotel/casinos.



Mark/Daniel… It’s still showing GMT, should be MST


KDXZ will remain this ID for one year, then back to KSGU. Skywest will
remain KSGU for flight reservation. This airport is a total wast of money,
the only flights in and out are to KSLC until march, then one flight to LAX.
and this is only a dog and pony flight, if you get my drift.
The old airport was just fine for the existing flights.


But the city politicians just know that they are going to get 737 sized aircraft! Just have faith! (Yea, right. Any believes that should come see me - I got a bridge to sell to you.)


Passenger flights, maybe… but you have a lot of GA that fly out of there as well… and PCM operates multiple dailies out of there to KLAS.



PCM (Westair) does operate daily flights as does AMF (Ameriflight). If it wasn’t for the contracts they hold it’s doubtful they would fly there daily. PCM operates for FedEx and (don’t hold me to this) AMF flies for UPS.


I agree, other companies use this airport, but they were doing just fine
at the old one. The city wasn’t going to even build the new airport until
Obama gave them some money. Not bad for a 99% consertive town.
Skywest also has flights to and from Las Vegas, that they say don’t exist.
(SKW1222 and SKW1234) These are daily flight.


These two flights are positioning flights to move aircraft between St George and Las Vegas.


I think you mean SkyWest will use SGU for flight reservation. There are three different codes, IATA (SGU), ICAO (KDXZ), and FAA (DXZ).