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New, inexpensive 1090MHz antenna for sale


I get the HAL flights way past the intersection point also! as I said great Antenna


So if people question you politely they are rude? And that doesn’t prevent you to call them “mo fo”…



In the words of a VIP here, “He has burned many bridges in the past”. He does not reflect most here, however, many has left…


LOL!!! ask questions…LOL…Sure I have NO problem answering questions…not with little smart a** added in…wake get real! wow!


Looking at the stats, only 1 (one) message at over 400 Km range, I would say that IS an decoding error nothing more nothing less, I have seen on my station ranges of 900 Km too like I sad - decoding errors - .
When have you installed the antenna? Can you post a image with it?



wow,some very sensitive folk here,hmm turned in my post…whaaa


who burned bridges here?