New Cargo Airlines for JFK

Two cargo airlines recently started service to JFK airport. I did some research and have an update on the ICAO identifiers. … /LIMC/KJFK

This one is Cargoitalia from Italy, call sign “White Pelican” … /EGNX/KJFK

This one is DHL Air Ltd. from UK, call sign “World Express”


Thanks, will be out on the site soon.

Thanks for that info. Qatar just started operating out of IAH, always cool to get a new airline in! :smiley:

OK…I’ll bite, what is the difference between the “New” DHL and the original??

The original DHL is actually Astar Air Cargo which is contracted move DHL freight in the US. DHL owns stock in Astar. DHK is based in Europe and is owned by DHL.


Thanks for the clarification.