New Career for the Stay-At-Home Mom/Dad!


Saw the following banner ads at the Web site linked below. Is THIS for real???
WORK AT HOME ATC? :open_mouth:

“Korean Air eight-five heavy: hold at LENDY while I change my kid’s diaper…”

It’s hard to get that one ad, but after about clicking 30 more times, I got it again! - - -


This is the funniest all year long! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Good eyes! I’ve been at and have never noticed those adds.


The ads aren’t saying one would do ATC work at home. They are talking to ATC staff, trying to get them to fall for one of those ‘make a million by working at home’ ads


Yeah, I’ll bet if you were to go to an automotive repair website, the same ad probably reads something like "Mechanics: Earn $25-$75 per hour working at home!!"
Kinda like a Google Search when you see popups for “More sites about [insert extremely abstract subject here]” as if it was just waiting for you to come along searching for that one particular whatever…

“Delta one-three-niner, you are clear to taxi to Rwy. 24L via txy. juliet, and… ***How many times do I have to tell you, TURN THE DAMN T.V. DOWN!!!..***and hold for further instructions.”


AH, so it’s the air traffic controller’s superior memory and keen 3-D perceptual skills that make them sought-after to stuff envelopes…

I’m glad you clarified that. I thought the government was taking this telecommuting thing just a little too far!


lol :laughing:


Good careers for working at home :

Discussion Forum Specialist
TV Program Critic
Chat Room Host
Flight Simulator Captain
Kitchen Microwave Engineer
Sleeper Terrorist
Bill Payor/Check Writer
Crossword Puzzle Constructor <See movie “Wordplay”>
‘911’ Mystery Shopper