New Canadian Citizen


Child born on this flight. Happened over Canada, so now one new Canadian citizen. … /EHAM/KBOS

By The Associated Press


BOSTON - There were 124 passengers on Northwest Airlines Flight 59 when it left the Netherlands - but there were 125 when it landed in Boston.

A spokesman for Logan International Airport says a woman went into labour and gave birth to an apparently healthy baby girl over the Atlantic on Wednesday.

Phil Orlandella says a doctor and a paramedic who were on the flight assisted in the birth.

He says the plane landed without incident about 10:30 a.m., and the mother and baby were immediately taken to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Orlandella says he does not know the mother’s nationality, but for customs’ purposes the baby was considered a Canadian citizen because she was born over Canada’s airspace. … in_the_sky


I was under the impression that the child would be considered to be born on American soil because the aircraft is an American registered aircraft. However, see this: … 815AAj9gp2

In any case, I don’t think just because the aircraft is over Canadian or another nation’s territory makes the child a Canadian or another nationality.


Dami, watch out for Mexican registerd Cessna’s once news of this gets out. :wink:


Yeah, I don’t think what airspace the child was born in should play a part in determining it’s nationality. I would think that the flag of the carrier, nationality of the paerents, origin and destination of the flight would play a part. But airspace…? The kid never set foot on Canadian soil, and it’s very probable that neither of the parents have either. I’m thinking some customs agents in Boston need retraining. It was probably less work for the agents to do by declaring it a Canadian citizen :unamused: