new audio ads sure are annoying


especially when they constantly buffer followed by the page reloading and here comes a new one.


Can you post a screenshot of one?

We don’t allow audio without user interaction (click not mouseover), now the trouble is just finding who’s running them.


Sure, they don’t run all the time but the next time I hear one I’ll grab a shot of it.


Do you remember what it’s about? Hotels, cars, weight loss, etc?


uh, don’t remember. the last one was last night.


Dettol (UK) is the only one today. I was busy and didn’t get a capture until it was over.


Here is a screenshot of one of annoying audio ad (finish dishwashing)


Aaah I’m so glad I use AdBlock for Chrome!


+1 for firefox for me.

Thankfully audio ads hasn’t hit iPad (yet)