New Alitalia to Logan


Today is the first day of the New Alitalia operations. The flight to KBOS now has an A330 in place of a 767. The A330 is from Air One which is now part of Alitalia. An A330 is also to be used on Alitalia’s KORD flight. I have no idea whether the planes are still in Air One paint or if they decided to paint them Alitalia.



Given all the money Alitalia has been hemorrhaging over the years and the fact that the Italian government has been unable to figuratively give the airline away, is Alitalia absolutely the last EU based airline I’m likely to fly on?

Oh, HELL yeah!


Just remember, if you use a CD or DVD player on their aircraft, the engines will fall off…


Maybe they fixed that issue with the merger. :slight_smile:


Glad someone remembers that story from a LONG time ago.