New airport ID blocks FlightAware


Woodbine Municipal Airport, Woodbine, NJ airport, formerly 1N4, is now KOBI, due to the installation of an AWOS on the airport.

The new ID doesn’t show up in Flightaware, thus I can’t track flights into and out of the Woodbine Municipal Airport.

Can this be fixed?

Thank you!


Looks like the database has been updated:


This is the result of the data from the National Flight Data Center (NFDC) having the new ident/FAA LOC (OBI) but not the new ICAO code (KOBI). I’ve fixed this for OBI now, but it may revert next time we get an update from the NFDC.


Thanks for the quick reply and fix.

I can let you know if the problem returns.



The OBI and KOBI designators for Woodbine, NJ are again not recognized.

Any chance for another fix?





Thank you!