new airport coads


Please refresh your airport coads
KAJZ formaly 1V9 (Delta Blake)does not show
on this service. It was changed almost a year ago.


It does show, just as the old code, as seen below, and needs to be updated as you said.


Thanks for the reply so fast
Hope it changes soon


I’m gonna go lick some todes now.


Wincing< Man, I am gonna wait here for Dami’s comments. This kind of post just scares me…TC


Am trying to be a good boy by not pointing out such obvious spelling mistakes. It could be that where he’s (or she’s) from spells CODES as COADS. Besides, they aren’t airport codes. They are location identifiers.


I was going to say something about COAD but then I would be putting Dami out of the job. :wink:


I had a bad coad a few weeks ago, but it is much better now, thag you very buch.