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New $100 bills stolen at KPHL

Or at least thats the headline…
huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/1 … 62702.html
I worked for an armored car company years ago and we picked up a few loads of new money from the Fed in Dallas that were shipped by aircraft, there was a Federal Reserve rep. that rode on the plane, once he had de-planed the cargo door would be opened and the shrink wrapped bricks, about the size of a small suitcase, would start to be unloaded. Each had a sticker with a barcode and serial number, the rep would check off each on his list as they came off and where loaded into the truck, once he signed off, we signed off and took custody and drove them to the local Fed branch, where they were counted again and verified. So whoever got them won’t be able to use until 2013 as they are a new design :unamused:

edit: I new I had some pics! These are from 2002, we picked up a load off a AA B752 8)

I like how they just say ‘large amount’ what’s a large amount these days???

Reminds me of; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lufthansa_heist

This would be all shrink rapped together, 16,000 bills x $100ea. $1.6 million. Not a bad day at the track, uh airport.

ksat.com/lifestyle/money/US- … index.html

Price confessed to the theft under questioning from the FBI and led law enforcement officials to the missing money, which was allegedly discovered in his car/quote]

How did that get there? It wasn’t me. I am not a crook.