Nellis red flag


I was thinking of attending the nellis red flag 13-4 and was wondering if anyone can attend and if it costs? When would the mass launch be? Thanks!


I thought it was cancelled due to sequester.


Oh crap! That really sucks! I didn’t know! Damn sequester!


Yea - how can the government get by with a reduction in the increase of their budge? I mean, come on now! Is it really fair that they are missing out on 0.5% of their budget raise this year! Oh, the inhumanity of it all!

For those who don’t know - the sequester is bunch of BS! It’s NOT a reduction in the budget of the feds - it’s at a all time high. Rather, it’s a reduction in the amount of the raise. It’s like your boss coming to you and saying you can only get 99.5% of your scheduled pay increase rather than 100% of it!


I totally agree. If you don’t mind I’d prefer to keep politics out of this. Thanks!


Red Flag 13-1 was cancelled, 13-2 and 13-3 took place and 13-4 is still scheduled according to the Nellis AFB site. Keep checking nearer the date (July).


Ok! Thanks! Can anyone attend it?


“Attend” isn’t quite the word; you won’t get in (on base) without press accreditation but you can view from the public roads.