Need to get delay flights schedule in Euroepe


Hi, :slight_smile:

I want to be notified via email on any flight delayed over 150 minutes on arrival or departure from any of the 30 largest airports in Europe.

Including: scheduled time, actual time, airline name, flight number, Departure airport and arrival aorport

I am unable to get delay flights schedule in Euroope.

I have also use API but they respond only flights schedule not get delay flights.

Please let me know ASAP
I will be very thank full for this job.



We do not provide API interfaces that provide just lists of only delayed flights.

If you have a specific flight in mind, you can use FlightInfoEx to query the status of that flight and compare its actualdeparturetime (or estimateddeparturetime if it has not yet departed) with what time was filed_departuretime. To be more complete, you could compare the actualdeparturetime with the originally scheduled time, as obtained from AirlineFlightSchedules.