Need to Create A/C seating configurations



Wondering if anyone could help. I need to create aircraft configurations for a few different type of corporate aircraft. Is there special software that can be purchased to do this?

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Is it for weight and balance or just to design the interior of an a/c?


I need to create seating configuration for the interior and be able to include galley, lav and such.



OK…scratch that link then…


Tired of doing all your “lookup” work for you.


Most of the manufacturers web sites have diagrams of their interiors. It might help.


Try this…

Going to run you about 7 bills for the program it looks like (and don’t forget shipping!!)


I know I could just lift the configs from other sites, but need to be able to use the diagrams in marketing materials. Legal issues need to be avoided at all costs. :smiley: I am looking for a number of a/c by different manufacturers and want to have a uniform appearance.


Ooooh!!! That’s good.


I do what I can. I would like to thank my dear friend Google for helping me in this search, as well as God, my parents, and, of course, Al Gore, for inventing the internet (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…oh, that one still gets me)

Now off with you to design the interior of many aircraft!!!


If you feel adventurous, post some of your ideas for cabins if you get the program so we can rip them apart. And by rip them apart, become professional cabin designers overnight and say what we would do, all in good fun of course.


Let me bow to your supremeness in all matters aviation and internet.

I had tried Google, alas - it appears the keywords were just beyond my reach. I can only offer my humble gratitude for your prowess with search engines.


I am trying to contact them as we speak for more information and to be sure they will have what I need. And to verify the program has been adequately dummied down for such a novice. Hopefully it will be something I can work with and on. I would love to show some submissions, not that I profess to be some great designer, but it would be fun.
Thanks again - This surely set me in the right direction.


By the way, I forgot to mention I am a smart a$$.

Good luck with your designs, it actually looks like fun!


Actually, it’s ancient technology. I’ve got a copy of the original release of that program (A/C-FP Render) and while it was fun to play with back in the day, it leaves a lot to be desired given today’s computers’ rendering capabilities.

Just look at the system requirements for it: (emphasis added where applicable)

To run Interior Planner you must have at least:

* **PC - Pentium I CPU - 16 Meg RAM**
* **100 Megabyte Hard Disk Drive**
* **VGA Graphics Adapter**

I’ve got old PDAs lying around with more computer HP than that!

I would suggest using AutoCAD to develop your drawings. All of the aircraft manufacturers offer interior DWG files of their aircraft and it’s a simple matter to populate them with manufactured parts drawings downloaded from


Dangit James! You had to ruin my ONE moment of glory!. OK, so I missed that part of the details. Oh well.


Well Pik, I’ll give you credit for mentioning Google, so you get the probs for reminding me of the FREE design software they offer, SketchUp!


Pika, you DID have a moment of glory and NOBODY can take that away from you!


I knew Needle had my back!


16 MEGABYTES of RAM! Wow! When did they start putting that much RAM in to a computer? And a 100 MB hard disk? Yea, right!

I’ll just stick with my TI-99/4 and let you guys do all the tall tales you want to.


If you are serious about this regarding a business venture and you lack the knowledge needed in this arena (legal etc as you mentioned) it seems you will want to outsource this project to an expert. There are several around the country, Duncan in Lincoln, NE comes to mind. They do this for a variety of customers including manufacturers (ever heard of Gulfstream?)


Have you considered CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs? There are probably a few out there that are either open design (i.e. free) or low cost.