Need some help with specifications on Gulfstream

I have looked at the abbreviations and acronyms I can find, but none seems to fit this:

On the specifications for the Gulfstream such as here:

it gives the take off run distance under SL, ISA, MTOW – I figured MTOW is Maximum Take Off Weight, but what is SL and ISA?

SL = Sea Level
ISA = International Standard Atmosphere ( 15 degrees C/ 29.92 in/Hg)

These abbreviations are used to denote that performance numbers have been corrected to a “Standard” day at sea level. Due to the highly variable environment in which aircraft operate, this is the accepted standard for stating aircraft performance. Also, by correcting for pressure, temperature, and altitude, it is possible to compare different aircraft accurately.

Thank you very much. I tried contacting Gulfstream for the meaning of the abbreviations, but I guess they recognized that if I didn’t know the meanings, I probably wasn’t likely to be a serious buyer!

I think that’s a safe bet. :laughing:

If you think about it, how many business jet owners truly know a lot about airplanes? I think very few pilots own their own Gulfstreams. Most of the owners are company bigshots who know a lot about business and next-to-nothing about airplanes.