need help in post present position ?????????

sorry for this question but how do I post present position on any given flight on any msg board or especially tracking notable aircraft…sorry I,m new here …michael

Hi Michael,

You have basically two choices when posting a flight.Using my tail number, not that it’s notable :smiley: as an example

One is the direct link to the flight would be to click on the tail number and copy the URL similar to below.

What ever is displayed on that page will be one of two things. Since I am not flying, it shows my last flight. If I was in the air, it would show the actual progress of the flight. The next person that clicks the link would see me further downstream and they wouldn’t see it in the same position that you do when you make your post.

For historical flights, click on the history section of the tail number and then click on the date you want to post for others to see. Copy that URL similar to displayed below … /KBTR/KMBO would be my November 10th flight from Baton Rouge Louisiana…

Historical flights are static and won’t change for obvious reasons.

Hope answers your question?