Need Better Rural coverage...

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents that we need better rural coverage. For example, I recently flew from FFZ to SOW, and only was trackable until I left the Phoenix area. After that - nothing. I was at 10,500.

As a data point, FR24 had coverage most of the way, except for a 10 minute gap… Maybe Flight Aware could start sending out more trackers (or somehow promote PiAware installs) to “rural” locations…


Then again, I suspect light GA is not FlightAware’s main market…? It would seem the money is more to be made in tracking airline/turbine traffic, no?

Send out FA-Pi’s with a simple (spider external) antenna for schools to use as an educational tool ?

Without a doubt. You can tell by the way they configured their data acquisition. It’s all based on flight numbers. I’m here for GA. Very little interest in the big birds.