Nearest Airport vs. Location



Just looked at the receiver stats for Austria… and found this one:

The location on the map is near Munich and the nearest airport is LOKF in Austria… almost 240km away from the receiver coordinates.
So the site is displayed as an austrian site at the statistics.

Not really a problem, but wouldn’t it be better to set the nearest airport using the coordinates of the receiver per default?


That site is using a FA-estimated position which can be substantially wrong.

There is a link on the stats page to let the site owner change the nearest airport.


I know this point. I also had to change some of my receivers because I got a wrong nearest airport because of the first messages it got.

But what if somebody never look at his stats (receiver site) and don’t even recognize it that there is a wrong nearest airport?

Would be better for statistic purposes IMHO. Counts of receivers per country, etc.

Just an idea. :slight_smile:


Whatever we do here is going to be wrong because without someone manually entering a receiver location, we don’t have a reliable position.