Nearby ADS-B Sites table corrupted by 'Burn-In-Whatever'


… can somebody please delete this bullshit as i now have nearly zero ‘nearby ads-b sites’ just these.



meanwhile more tha 60 sites at edmo airport - no one at flightaware staff can stop this bullshit ???


Those sites are actually not malicious, but are instead simply a default location where some of our new hardware burn-in testing is being done. They will eventually disappear later.


ok - but the real downside for me is that i now have zero real ‘nearby ads-b sites’ :(((

please delete these unreal sites or hide them from public at least - so that i get back my real nearby sites again.



A good friend of mine was stationed at EDMO at the end of WWII.

One of his jobs was to destroy ferry time only B-17’s. :frowning:


my ads-b nearby sites table is STILL USELESS. please set it back to where it was!