Navy's P-8A

Chasing submarines in Chesapeake Bay? :confused:

Hopefully just training :smiley:

Alice Foss, Telephone Operator: Well, I’m sorry to bother you, Chief Mattocks, but I just had a call from Muriel Everett.
Police Chief Link Mattocks: What is it, what’s she want?
Alice Foss, Telephone Operator: She was shouting that I should call you, because according to her - well, Muriel said the Russians have landed!
Police Chief Link Mattocks: Want to give me that again, Alice?
Alice Foss, Telephone Operator: Muriel said the Russians have landed, whatever that means, Chief. And she said they were attacking her personally!
Police Chief Link Mattocks: Remember last time, when she called about that Peeping Tom - you know who that was, don’t you? It was that Luther Grilk’s horse.

The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming (1966)

And the older brother…

They’ve been busy over here in PI’s and South China Sea too. I’m guessing they’re tracking Chinese and NORK sub activity.

you live near Pax River. The premier navy testing base :slight_smile:.

This is close and personal :smiley: Right above my house: