national traffic animation above 41K or ...

Animation (time lapse) of traffic over North America very interesting.
Would be much more interesting and potentially useful if it could be limited to traffic above say 41,000 feet, or ulitimately within an altitude range one could specify.

Well there’s not that much up there at FL410.

Good idea meyeraw and welcome to the forum! 8)

I understand the range idea… which has been mentioned in other contexts… But, why would you want to see the 50 or so a/c that might be drawing straight lines above FL400?? The animation would be a bit like watching a fireworks show with 1 rocket lit every 10 minutes…




But, to each their own… Oh, and how exactly could it be useful?? Just curious?

Actually I see plenty of use, the idea is good to see what percentage of planes fly at certain altitudes.

Could be terrain sends them higher, so you see more higher over the Rockies vs flats of the plains, calm air, better tail winds from jet stream or 500 mb mid level winds and so on.

Crowded is not always better for tracking.


Right! This was all talked about as a reason to have a filter for searching specific flights by altitude or all flights at a specific altitude… Which I love the idea of. But I still don’t see why an ANIMATION would be that interesting at FL410 only… Especially if it was always the same loop of little red dots- Same page now?? Or am I completely alone here? Bueller? Anyone??

Here was the thread we hijacked for the altitude reporting… … h+altitude

The idea would be so that you can cause and effects of flight levels not so much sit there and watch the few select dots from Hawaii cross the mainland.

The thread you pointed to, I took that as a text based filter, what flights are cruising at FL41 where as you can see in the animation graphically what FL is the busiest in one screenshot. The thread you pointed to, I didn’t see any suggestions for a graphical picture of the FL

Though it could be interesting to see what weather does at FL41 and graphically see the dots move around based on weather condtions. As you go lower in the atmosphere, to see the effects expanded due to more traffic would be interesting as well.


We were thinking of the same thing basically. I was hoping for something like the airport area view of a/c but with a map of the country as in the animation. (I guess I was never specific about that… CAN’T YOU READ MY MIND???) User selectable by altitude for a/c currently above the U.S… Ideally with an info flag with airspeed (or GS), flight #, a/c type, and maybe destination airport- Sounds like the same thing you want, just not moving. The animation as it is now is cool, but does not change from day to day or hourly (or more) as this would. It also does not provide any info on the flights.

Is this even a possibility or are there just too many flights aloft to show unless it was only above FL400? I could imagine the RVSM altitudes are probably very full at certain times of day.