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On Kelly Earnhardt’s podcast she mentioned that her and Dale had recently toured the Cessna factory in Kansas.






Since the Bombardier dash numbers can be confusing, that is a CRJ-700.


Twin Oaks LLC


Looks like it sold quickly? I don’t see it listed for sale anymore.




n520jg pic


New JGR bird looking nice!
flightaware.com/photos/view/5356 … e/fullsize


That looks great!


That is a sharp looking paint job!





So looking at Jr’s new tail # there hasn’t been activity in 6 weeks. Is it back to his old tail # that is blocked from tracking?



It’s back to N8JR and blocked.


They are linked to GMS motorsports, Maurice Gallagher.

The team that bought all 3 old Evernham Motorsports buildings at KSVH.

He also owns Allegiant Airlines out of Las Vegas, so not a stretch to fly his own teams.

They must also charter, as both 46VA and 47VA flew out after the 500 on Sunday night, with a Female co-pilot on 47VA !


Pic available here: c2.staticflickr.com/2/1531/2530 … e00b_z.jpg

Anyone know where at SVH they’re being hangared?
And who flies on them? Surely the RTA makes things easier to organise.


It was N508RH,one of Hendricks Motor Sports aircraft on their way back to North Carolina from Las Vegas,made an emergency landing this morning just before daybreak at Memphis International Airport, reported smoke in the cabin. N509RH came from Concord to pick up 508 passengers while they investigate what happened.




How did they get 508 passengers in a ERJ-145?