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Nascar Airplanes


Any idea what they are using now?



They are going to be chartering Southwest aircraft.



Interesting. Maybe this is all part of that owners alliance. Jack is an aviation enthusiast…didn’t think he would give up flying his own birds to the races.


Kyle Busch medical flight from Daytona KDAB to Charlotte/ Carolinas Medical Center.


Actually the same aircraft that was used to Medevac Tony Stewart from Iowa to Charlotte in 2013.


Any idea who n777rb is? Registered to SCHWIK AIR LLC out of
SPRINGFIELD, IL; sponsor, driver, owner or none of the above?


From what I can tell, Darrell Waltrip has signed up with Wheels Up for his private travel needs. They are a great alternative to owning/operating your own plane…I am considering membership myself. Not sure what this means for his Citation V (N500DW). I notice it hasn’t flown since last year, but I can’t find it for sale on any of the trading sites. Anyone have any additional info on this??


Brandt = #51 Cup car.


N500GR For Sale


Aerodynamics appears to be flying again.


Sold? Moving out of JRM Hangar?

JG part of the QS family.


Yeah not sure what he is doing for transport. He tweeted this pic from a commercial flight it looks like to Seattle after the Phoenix race maybe…coach nontheless!

twitter.com/kaseykahne/status/5 … 3679509504


It is because competitors were tracking the flights and making contact with the passengers.


Old Switch-a-Roo


Does Truex charter his plane? A lot of random activity it seems. I see similar with Newman too.



New Hangar Buddy


Sold now?
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … Txt=N509RH

Sold or leasing?

Roush 727s still at Charlotte.


SAAB 2000 replacement??


Does anyone know what plane(s) Rusty Wallace is flying around now?


So Tony Stewart did a Periscope video chat session today while flying to Eldora/Pocono. He mentioned that he would soon be in the market/switching to a Cessna aircraft from his current Falcon 50. Any word on what model Cessna will be the new N500TS?