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A pretty cool story from USAToday about Carl Edwards.
usatoday.com/story/sports/na … /15463855/


It’s kind of tenuous, but 410RE is registered to an LLC with the same address as ZLOOP, which is a sponsor of an ARCA car and also sponsored the recent truck race at Bristol. The agent listed for the LLC is Robert Boston, who is a founder of ZLOOP, which is a recycling company.


The new Goodyear Blimp is N1A. It’s technically not a blimp, but a semi-rigid airship, but Goodyear is calling it a blimp anyway. It was built by ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik.


Another in the hangar


Is that Truex’s new ride? I remember reading a while back he was getting a refurbed beechcraft.


With a number like N560MT and Truex getting a refurbished beech jet can only imagine that has to be his.

Looks like the former N2RW of Rusty Wallace that was sold to Penske now sports N50RP. Saw it running to/from the racetrack to the airport most drivers use last week after the Chicago race. Also Hendricks N5RH was there. They must fly those helicopters to a bunch of tracks for transporting to/from the airport.

Have yet to see a picture of Edward’s new CJ3 (N54FL) but finally saw it in person.


And the Truex family number is #56.


N54FL pic


Looks like both N4RW (Formerly N2RW) and N116GB are for sale.




It’s been a steady few months on the Nascar flight circuit, with the usual jets all busy.
PTY43 has been pretty active.
So has N446CJ.
N707RG of Robbie Gordon showed up at JQF recently.
And N530DW is also connected with ISC / Martinsville Speedway.




Has anyone else noticed that Cessna blocked the bulk of their commuter/transport aircraft? The ones used typically to move NASCAR folks, such as N446CJ and N683SV have become untrackable, as well as Jamie McMurray’s N1JM. Any idea as to why the sudden shift?

It’s not just NASCAR related aircraft. Take a look at KICT’s traffic. Used to be you could see their charters coming and going all day. Now? One a day, tops. Just thought it was interesting.




Has anyone else heard of the following?

  • Joe Gibbs Racing is replacing their two SAAB 2000’s during the 2015 season with a CRJ-2 and a CRJ-7, or with a single B737-400.

  • Roush Fenway Racing is discontinuing use of either one or both of their 727’s in 2015.


Well that would certainly be interesting. Those Saabs are slow. Gibbs going to 4 teams, so maybe time for a change. Can’t wait to find out!


I think for the average stage lengths they fly, the extra speed from a jet would make very little difference. But they’d probably need more lift than what they have now once they start flying four teams around, and it isn’t easy to find Saab 2000’s on the used market, and flying two CRJ’s or one 737 probably costs less than flying 3 SB2K’s.


Supposedly Hendrick has sold all of their Saab’s, and was planning on using Aerodynamics Inc for lift. Well, ADI just got shut down by the feds…


Wow. What’s with all the downsizing? I never thought Hendrick would give up the fleet. Guess we will know soon enough. Everyone leaving Wednesday night for Daytona?


I’m guessing trying to save money.

So what I heard is that all 3 Saab’s have been sold to Penair in Alaska, and HMS is going to buy one ERJ-145, and use an outside carrier for the rest of their travel needs. The Saab’s leave in June. Not sure who is going to provide the outside lift, unless ADI gets their cert back.


N727NK For Sale

N422BN For Sale