Name this airplane


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Grob 520T Egrett

I dunno - but it belongs in the “Fugliest Airplanes” thread!

I knew you guys would come through for me.


It’s kinda cool… it has tusks! :smiley:

Aircraft Description

Serial Number 10004 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name BURKHART GROB LUFT Certificate Issue Date 11/04/1992
Model G520 EGRETT Status Valid
Type Aircraft Glider Type Engine Turbo-Prop
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 51504505
MFR Year 1991 Fractional Owner NO

Registered Owner

Street 16101 SATICOY ST
City VAN NUYS State CALIFORNIA Zip Code 91406-2915

Here’s a shot of it on the ramp at Van Nuys:

New paint, in a fierce warthog theme, it’d look much better. Wouldn’t land on the fugly list any more. Could make the sexiest airplanes list only if it was far enough away to catch those lithe impossibly long wings. Anybody remember Cyd Charisse in the dream sequences of Singin’ in the Rain?

Oh my yes!

Sad to report she passed away almost a year ago.

Mmm, mmmm. Precisely.

The way that moment was filmed, it seemed to take about 20 sec for her to finish uncoiling that leg. 8)

Now look at the sexy taper on those Egrett wings.

Just noticed in the registry, It is listed as “Aircraft type GLIDER”

I guess you’ll need a self launch endorsement.