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Is this unusual for a C182 to fly this distance?


Specific flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/N942 … /OPOR/KLOM

Yes. In fact, impossible even with long range ferry tanks.

My guess is that the ORW instead of ROW (Roswell, New Mexico) into the flight plan. He has been to Roswell in the past.

Thank You

He also could have picked up an IFR to VFR on top clearance. You see weird things like this a lot with those local clearances. The controller enters a very short range route into the computer, sometimes a local intersection or VOR or even some code only he/she knows about. It really throws Flight Aware off because it will try to convert a three letter code, thinking it is an IATA airport code, into a four letter ICAO airport code which does not always work. The ORW VOR is in Ct.