N94162 - Cessna Centurion - KCCR to PHNL - How?

Ok, saw this flight by chance using iPlane Radar on my iPad, and confirmed with FlightAware, and it was showing Buchanan Field (KCCR) to Honolulu Intl (PHNL) with a flight time of 13 hours 19 minutes, at 149 knots and 8,000 feet.

According to FlightAware, this was 2,424 sm, and the range this aircraft is maybe 1500 miles at best?

How on earth was this flight completed?

There certainly isn’t anywhere to refuel on the way to PHNL…


Ferry tanks.
turtlepac.com/photo-gallery/ … tanks.html

N380JP Cessna Centurion KSAT-FACT flightaware.com/live/flight/N380 … /KSAT/FACT
This one is just a error, FACT/CPT is showing up as KCPT Cleburne Tx. 9000sm/1hr44min. 8)

The plane climbs as high as it can, cuts off the engine, glides to 103 feet, and then restarts engine. Climb, glide, restart, repeat. :smiley:

I’d like to see the fuel calculation for that… :smiley:

Ferry tanks was the correct answer.

Haha, If you guys are still curious about the plane let me know. I am the pilot on that trip. my email is aaron@flypf.net