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N921 Registry is wrong


I found that the following aircraft registry is out of date

It’s shown as a private or commercial airplane registered in the USA but is actually an official helicopter for the National Police of Colombia.

Please find visual confirmation photo attached.

You can also confirm by checking the recent history

since the aircraft always departs and lands from the Military Base of the Colombian Air Forces: SKGB

I’m curious if the database registry is wrong

Best regards,

You are perhaps confusing tail number / registration (usually physically painted on the aircraft) with callsign (which is just whatever is used by ATC / set in the transponder, might change from flight to flight, and is not globally unique)

I can’t see the tail number in your photo, but Colombian tail numbers should begin with HJ- or HK- (at least for civilian aircraft - if it’s considered military, then different rules may apply)

I’d guess that this is just a case where the helicopter is using a callsign which happens to match the tail number of a USA-registered (N prefix) aircraft.

Indeed, I can’t see the tail number neither.

Yes indeed, I was talking only about the callsign

thanks for confirm about this