N827DP Citation IISP clips lawnmower tractor on runway . . .

N827DP a Citation IISP owned by Fred Biesecker/Drug Plastics & Glass Company of Boyertown Pa, clipped a lawnmower which was crossing the runway.

It was reported N827DP had just landed at 1530 last Sunday, and was taxiing on the runway, when the tractor attempted to cross the runway.

Approximately 50 gallons of jet fuel spilled, the pilot was the only person on board, and it is reported neither the landscaper or the pilot received injuries.

FAA Preliminary Report

On another note, there was also a Citation CJ3 N418CS that blew a tire and went off the runway at Teterboro on August 4/08 with no injuries to the 3 persons on board, and unknown (if any) damage to the aircraft.

FAA Preliminary Report