N820HB with David Goldman on son Wheels Up.

After 5 years, David Goldman is in the air from Brazil to New Jersey with his son aboard a chartered G IV N820HB.

Cant yet track it, but at least it is WHEELS UP!

David Goldman, son will not return to Tinton Falls right away, Congressman Smith says

David and Sean Goldman are heading to an undisclosed location for the holidays, instead of going home to Tinton Falls and to a mob of reporters and photographers, Rep. Chris Smith said today.

“They want to get some alone time together and some privacy,” Smith said in a teleconference from Brazil.

David and his 9-year-old son Sean were reunited in Brazil today after a 5-year international custody battle between David and the Brazilian family of his now-deceased ex-wife. Father and son now are on a private plane, chartered by NBC, with a destination somewhere other than Tinton Falls, Smith said.

On a side note, is this considered “income” by the IRS to Mr. Goldman?

It’s wonderful news!

I’ve been watching for this tail number to come up all day. Then someone on another board posted this:


Is this just a ruse to make us think they’re going to Orlando? Seems like the last place I’d go for privacy. Not being a pilot, I don’t know if they need to refuel before now (4pm EST)? They took off about 9am EST, I believe.

Pic on CNN of the two boarding the original aircraft, N820HB.

EDIT: Just thought: could N820HB and XFL5 be the same plane?

They can definitely be the same plane, but I just didn’t know that you could file a flight plan under a “different” a tail/flight number like that.

You mean like United 412? American 51?

Frank Holbert

Looks like they are going Disneyworld!!

Frank Holbert

Don’t think he is responsible for the full charter price, but he probably should declare at least the value of what first class airline tickets would have cost.

CNN just showed the Gulfstream taxiing after landing in Orlando. They mentioned that they would be visiting Disneyworld for the next two days. From the video the Tail number looked like N47705

I was right! Disneyworld it is.
A father and son reunited after an international custody battle planned to spend their first holiday season together in five years at Disney World in Florida, a friend said.*

Frank Holbert

My advice to him is to handle this tax matter the same way as Obama and his key administration officials.

Income hell, it was legal costs.