N757SS down in Wyoming? I hope not...

I have not seen any reports that the Dallas Stars team and coaches died in a fiery crash, so I have to assume this track is a bug:
flightaware.com/live/flight/N757 … /CYYC/KDAL

Correct, the FAA sent us an early arrival message, but the tracklog appears to continue to Texas.

Not any more! The track log terminates at FL370 just an hour and 11 minutes after the initial entry.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N757 … L/tracklog

Of course I’m not looking for a firey crash of anyone’s aircraft, (even the Red Wings or Hawks), but whenever the Stars are at The Scotttrade, or when the Bluenote is at the AA Center, I expect a firey crash on the ice of the black gold and green. I expect missles fired at Turco, I expect DJ King to fire his guns, and I expect Brad Boyes to shoot the Stars right out of the sky. Especially in this late part of the season, we need our points. (and maybe Hully back too).