Has anyone ever flown on this plane??? It’s one of the most expensive planes to rent.



Is that based on your years of renting experience?

Seeing that there are converted 747 bizjets, I think your statement as to expense deserves a cite.


I have never even seen this plane. I saw it on TV and it’s $32,000 an hour to rent it. I just wanted to know if any has been on it. I didn’t know that you could rent a 747.


I believe N727RE has been sold overseas so it’s not longer on the USA register.


This is what that plane has looked like for the past year:

XT-BFA: Burkina Faso


I was sure it had gone to Africa, just wasn’t sure where in Africa. Thanks for the details.


I like the old colors much better


I have flown this B-727 many,many times from the very first day that it was converted from comercial to corporate configuration. Once operated by Pan Am, it was reconfigured to 33 seatbelts total. Queen size bed, shower,conference room, dining room,bar, mega galley etc - on & on. JT8D-15 power. Aux fuel tanks.This aircraft would make you throw rocks at any G 5 or simular. The aircraft went to Africa is now probably trashed.
This aircraft was flown by many high profile clients and saw world wide service.


Sure! I just flew on it to a summer vacation spot in Hawaii a couple months ago. I’m also a millionaire and would like to sell you waterfront property in Arizona.


You got a place on Lake Meade!?! Does it have a dock for tie-down of a float plane? Can you even land a float plane on Lake Meade?




Just curious - was this ever flown by or for a real estate brokerage company. An EX-girlfriend who swore her privately held real estate brokerarge company - which she never named, just said the name of the company consisted of initials - owned the aircraft. She also said the Gettys used it.

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