N725MM 10 Hour "Joy Ride"


Hey everyone,

This is my first post here after visiting this place for a lonnng time! I just found the GV owned by the MGM in Vegas operating a 10 hour flight from LAS back to LAS. Flew all the way over to Brunswick, GA (SSI) and now its making past STL heading North west. Most likely a test flight of some sort, but still very cool!




For posterity (and this is only my opinion!), use this link for this specific flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/N725 … /KLAS/KLAS


The certificate was just issued on Monday.

They took delivery of a new G350 (N723MM) this summer and a G450 (N722MM) in late September also.

Here’s the new N772MM

Not a shabby fleet!


They caught someone cheating and wanted to have a quiet “chat” with them in private.


“Vegas” style… :wink:


Hopefully they didn’t get any blood on the upholstery.


Plastic, lotsa plastic.


N-722MM just cleared custosms in YVR…
anyone know who they were picking up??