N718MC....what eva!!!


Billionaire Mark Cuban doesn’t want is plane tracked ?? Why should he care ?? -

Doesn’t the FAA still provide that info to anyone who asks anyway ?

I saw Mark Cuban on VH1… :unamused: yeah, he got EXTREMELY lucky creating and selliing Broadcast.co when he did…


Your subject line is asking what Eva did. I don’t know. But if you are trying to say that teenager saying, then it is “whateva” (i.e. one word, not two.

Now, if you aren’t talking about Eva but something else, then here’s what I have to say.

What’s your beef? If someone doesn’t want his plane tracked, then why should you care?

Wait! I know what happened. You tried to sell something to Cuban and the deal didn’t pan out. Or is it because, being a rich person, Cuban must be one of those bad capitalistic pigs that only exploits people?

I don’t think the FAA gives out that information to just anyone who asks.


For anyone interested, a photo of Mark Cuban’s plane (N718MC).

Real sweet looking!


Your right its his choice, Would you want your license plate all over the place? (famous or not). He’s using his rights which a lot of people forget to do.


Of course I’d like to track Cuban’s plane, but I can understand why he blocks it. Think PERSONAL SECURITY!

If the “bad guys” don’t know where the plane is or where it’s going, there will be no kidnapping attempts, no plane hijacking, no bomb threats, no extortion. That could be especially important if Cuban were to fly to Mexico or other places that don’t have our standards of security.

For someone who may have to travel with personal bodyguards, flight blocking is the cheapest form of effective security you can get. Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones also had his plane blocked a few months ago. I can’t blame him for doing that.