N700TS L1011-385 last flight Saturday to Museum . . .

Catus Wings photo

N700TS L1011-385 is flying from Roswell NM to Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City for permanent display in Museum. Aircraft was originally delivered to TWA in April 1974 as N31019.

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KMKC Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport

FlightAware KMKC N700ST due to arrive around 13:30 Saturday Jan 30/10

Cool You Tube videos of the taxi and run up testing.

ahmhangar.com/movies/2010/1/ … swell.html

Love the comment by the captain about taxiing with square tires with his girlfriend in the right seat. :laughing:

Great videos cruising thru all the stored aircraft, like the Jetstar they pass in video number 5.

Those were great videos! :laughing: :laughing:

N700TS is a L1011-385. Pretty big difference between the L1011-385 and the -500. I made several flights on this aircraft before my father retired off the 1011 in 1988 with TWA. Sure miss the sounds and smells of the old beast. :smiley:

I made sure I got on one before they retired em at TW. I was on 11003 LAX - STL. I wish I would’ve been on more!
Since this is going to the museum at KC, Too bad they couldn’t put the red tylenol stripes or Double Globe back on it!

There are a BUNCH of people around the fence but alas, no airplane. We’ll see.

Might be a while yet. As of this posting, it still has not departed Roswell.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N700 … /KROW/KMKC

She is now airborne as of 12:39 MST.

Flickr member took some pictures on arrival

flickr.com/photos/twade1phot … 317335728/

Short video of L-1011 has a few really cool shots. Check out the opening shot, and the closing clip of the engines without music. Advertisment for DVD’s for sale, but some good shots. That s-duct is super cool. 8)