I flew on this Alaska Airlines aircraft today (B737) from SAN to PDX. I had the good fortune to be seated in first class.

I ordered a cup of coffee, and then later on had a refill. I noticed when the Flight Attendant brought over the carafe to refill my cup, “US AIRWAYS” was laser etched into the carafe.

Two possibilities come to mind:

1- The aircraft was once owned by US Airways, and Alaska just kept it, or…

2- Alaska bought the carafe at an auction, or something along those lines.

I am leaning towards the former. I recall seeing a website a few years ago which lists the chain of owners for commercial planes. However, i cannot locate it now.

Any other ideas on why a US Airways carafe was aboard an Alaska plane. Does anyone have a link to the website I wrote about?

Thanks in advance!

OR the catering company took it from US and it ended up on an Alaska flight.

And say hello to all my Peeps in PDX


Quite possibly you could be right, because after a bit more research, it appears that Alaska is the sole owner of this aircraft, according to this website: airfleets.net/ficheapp/plane … -30163.htm

shrug Oh, well. :slight_smile:

Some of that galley equipment gets interchanged between airlines. It could be that one company ground handles the same airlines and pulls equip, or it could be that they bought the equip from a distributor or US.
I’ve been at several airlines where we had other airlines’ equip …at Chicago Express we had American Eagle coffee cans, and some of Trans States Embraers had Swissair galley carts. Now both of those airlines’ aircraft were flown by those airlines prior, but sometimes that stuff does get sold etc. One of those things that just makes you wonder how it all works, or you envision a guy resembling the eskimo on the tail at SEA sneaking over to the US Air side acting all shady, sneaking on and stealing the galley cart :wink:

edit: should be Swiss not Swissair

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The Mayor says hello and hurry home.

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