I have tried to find out who this belongs to, can anyone help out? Thanks

Aircraft Description

Serial Number 258089 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name BRITISH AEROSPACE Certificate Issue Date 11/12/2003
Model BAE 125 SERIES 800A Status Valid
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Type Engine Turbo-Fan
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 51724513
MFR Year None Fractional Owner NO

Registered Owner

Name 593HR INC
Street 3310 W END AVE STE 700
City NASHVILLE State TENNESSEE Zip Code 37203-1097

593HR INC appears to be a subsidiary of Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated.

Excellent sleuthing!!!

Shucks… t’weren’t nuthin’… Just searched “593HR INC” on Yahoo and clicked on the first link. :smiley:

Once I did a little more research and quite being lazy I found it, thanks for the help though.