N58HX/HF Express GP (Ventura, CA)



Jan :question:

Link 58HX
Link 58HF

HF Express also has a Citation XL 47HF my guess is that it’s a holding company or a leasing company and not the actual company that flies the a/c. All my corp. jobs the FAA showed the owner as the bank or as a LLC that was just the flight dept.

Not sure who they are or if the 2 a/c you ask about are related.


Thanks for your quick reply - not yelling - just easier on the eyes. The reason I ask about this aircraft is that it has been flying out of my airport here in the last week or so & other places in Oklahoma & just was curios.


i’m whispering now!!! 8)

Also, I have put her in my flight alerts & have yet to get one alert on this aircraft - so why is that not functioning. I even tried to put the tail number on the home page & it would give me “Invalid?” But - I could go see her taking off from KPWA & track her?!?!?! Finally I got that working & even reentered her on my flight alerts - but still not alerts on her?!?!?!

ACI Flight](http://www.acijet.com/charterPlanes/citExcel_N58HX.asp) N58HX Citation Excel available for charter.
1](Cessna 560XL Citation Excel - Untitled | Aviation Photo #1195727 | Airliners.net)2](Cessna 560XL Citation Excel - Untitled | Aviation Photo #1240559 | Airliners.net)3](Cessna 560XL Citation Excel - Untitled | Aviation Photo #1170823 | Airliners.net) photos of N58HX

ACI Fleet

[ Citation XL ]N43HF](Cessna 560XL Citation XLS - Untitled | Aviation Photo #0884222 | Airliners.net)[ Citation XL ]N47HF](Cessna 560XL Citation Excel - HF EXPRESS | Aviation Photo #0620021 | Airliners.net)[ Citation X ]N48HF](Cessna 750 Citation X - Untitled | Aviation Photo #0840725 | Airliners.net)[ Citation XL ]N56HX](Aircraft N56HX (2000 Cessna 560 Citation Excel C/N 560-5063) Photo by Michael Martin (Photo ID: AC15514))[Citation XL ]N58HX ](http://www6.flickr.com/photos/28673416@N00/436418946/)

NOTE: The owners of the above aircraft, have opted to have their flight information blocked, therefore you will not receive any flight alerts or be able to track their flights.

Just wondering how you knew it was ACI, did I miss something or is that just personal knowledge?

Thanks, want to be able to answer the next person as throughly as possible.

What about 58HF, the helicopter? Is it part of ACI? Just wondering why Jan asked about those two.

The quote is not correct - I am getting flight alerts for N58HX - I deleted N58HX & am still getting alerts & have added EJA712 & not getting any alerts.

What is going on with my flight alerts they obviously arent working properly. Please advise

Ms. Jan/flygirljc

NOTE: The owners of the above aircraft, have opted to have their flight information blocked, therefore you will not receive any flight alerts or be able to track their flights.

N58HX Flightaware](N58HX Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware) What are the odds N58HX would show up on Flightaware on a Sunday afternoon while we’re talking about it???

Seems of the fleet, this is the only one that isn’t blocked. Many times with corporate jet charter services, they don’t own all their airplanes. They just manage them, when not in use by the owner, they put the aircraft to work, which helps pay for the airplane.

I live in Toronto, near me is a small airport Buttonville, which has a corporate company Flightexec. They have 3 Falcon 10’s, a Falcon 900, and two Citation XL’s. The two Citations are owned by separate companies, one is blocked, the other isn’t.

As for finding info, sites such as AirNet](http://www.aviation-links.co.uk/) list 25000 aviation sites. Another site airlinerlist](http://www.airlinerlist.com/) have production lists, such as every Citation ever produced, and Professional Pilot Rumour Network](http://www.pprune.org/forums/) is a site to seek info.

Many times if you find a little info on your subject, you can google it, which leads too?, by the time you find what your looking for, 10 clicks later, you have no idea what site your even on?

I used to work for two corporate jet companies at Toronto Intl (now Pearson Airport), as well as being an avid biz jet ‘spotter’, I traded 35mm slides of corporate jets worldwide. Many of the ‘enthusiast’ are still around, and with the internet, most info is just afew clicks away.

Rob, thanks for all the info - I’ve been tracking her/N58HX since the 26th & 27th of July - she flew into KPWA/Wiley Post & then on to Enid - just watching her.

Yes, I do the search engine before coming here - most of the time I can find most anything on my own but couldn’t come up with anything for: HF Express GP (Ventura, CA) - so that is when I asked the experts here!!! 8)

Again, thank you for all the great links/info - I will put them to use.

Ms. Jan

N58HF](Sikorsky S-58E - Heliflight | Aviation Photo #0852271 | Airliners.net) as you can see from the photo, no relation to all the Citations. However the Citations all have HX or HF completing their registration.

As for tracking the EJA flight, Flightaware ](Live NetJets Aviation Flight Status - FlightAware) is the airborne fleet for NetJets. N712QS](Gulfstream Aerospace G200 - Untitled (NetJets) | Aviation Photo #0783255 | Airliners.net) EJA712 is a Gulfstream 200, FAA registry](http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNumSQL.asp?NNumbertxt=712QS) shows it is active, operated by NetJets, and has 9 fractional owners. So I’ll assume it’ll pop up sooner or later???

I may be wrong about this, but I believe several of the ACI operated aircraft are owned by a real estate company based in the Ventura area. The aircraft are based in San Luis Obispo (SBP) and fly quite a bit. The other ACI aircraft are locally owned, but again I don’t know who the actual owners are. ACI and San Luis Jet Center are related companies, I am wildly speculating here but the real estate company may have an ownership stake as well.
Disclaimer: I live (well, I have a mortgage and my wife says I have a nice house) 2 miles from SBP but I’m only here 30 days a year so this is just educated guesswork on my part.


website of SLJC ](http://www.sljc.net/) owner/operator/founder of ACI/SLJC is William Borgsmiller.

All of ACI jets are all owned by Limited Liability Corporations, Limited Partnerships, and General Partnerships. (As opposed to fractional ownerships).

This is my first post, but FWIW: I’m based at SBP and yes, most of the fleet at ACI (Aircraft Consultants, Inc) is based at the sister company, San Luis Jet Center. The aircraft that are currently on their fleet are owned by a real estate developer/home builder in the area who has an office in Oxnard, CA. Also, one of their Excel’s is owned by a bunch of people in a partnership. Another Excel is owned by a food related company. ACI/SLJC began with an Conquest, and then two CJ2’s that were owned by former Colorado Rockies players. My best bet is that N58HX was on a series of flights for Sentient (Fractional aircraft scheduling company) or on a couple of demo flights since it was for sale–in anticipation of accepting delivery of a new XLS+.