N54KJ Air Ambulance EA50

we had this eclipse 500 come in last week and transport an elderly lady to boston. quick interesting didnt know the eclipse had a future in this market.


I’m telling you I really still have high hopes for the VLJ

Had no idea… I can see that happening out in the middle of nowhere but you would think it would be quicker just to keep the person in the helicopter?

I can tell you that the door isn’t big enough to get a larger person on a stretcher in. Was the old lady ambulatory?
Plus the range of that AC is horrible, they had one take off from Pensacola and because of headwinds had to stop for fuel before landing at FXE.

Well maybe if it saves one life it will be redemmed enough to be retired with grace.

Beer can the lot, IMO.

“Bleed to death or get in an Eclipse…Hmmm…Bleed to death, get in an Eclipse, Bleed to death, get in an Eclipse…Bleeding to death isn’t REALLY so bad I suppose”

I would get in the eclipse. I would fake being injured just to get a ride. :laughing:

No need for you to fake, your “injury” appears to be natural, and one that can’t be fixed.

HAHAHA! :laughing: I know, I am retarded, or worse.

I think you should go for a ride in an Eclipse too. Hope, hope,hope…

Now, now, fellas, be nice. You were young and foolish once too.

HAHAHAHA! :laughing: I’ll sky dive out of an eclipse. Ya’ll can come along.

Jump! whooop. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Pull the cord! what cord… What parashoot! Ahhhhhh SPLAT!

Promise :question: :question: :question: :smiling_imp:

HA! Not in a million years… Chuck Norris could live through it though…

Hopefully you’ll meet Chuck someday!

Hopefully so! We take our cows to the sale barn in Navasota, TX and He lives about two miles down the road from there.

lol @ chuck :stuck_out_tongue: