N509JA Unknown Result

Does anyone have any idea what’s up with N509JA? It was flying from PSP to HIO last night, but the result is still unknown as of this morning.

Not sure why it still shows unknown result, but charter operator confirmed plane landed safely in Oregon.

One of those things that keeps popping up here. It looks like the flight track has been lost when the flight was handed over from area controller to local controller in Oregon. Chances are that the arrival notice did not make it all the way to the National Level ( FAA ) and thus the flight is displayed as N/A.

edit: Sometimes the track log will be cut if there is a deviation from the original flight plan, such as a request for new flight level because of weather / turbulence.

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See flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt#fl … ultunknown in the frequently asked question page.


Maybe they ran out of fuel. Eclipse is strapped for cash. I would like to know their time PSP-HIO.

PSP - HIO took ~ 2.5 hours last night cruising ~ 360 @ 38000.

Actually they don’t appear to be cash strapped at all after securing > $100M in long-term financing with ETIRC in Europe.

eclipseaviation.com/index.ph … &Itemid=52